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Chongqing Qiang Sheng Wang Shoes Co., Ltd., located at No. 8, Feilong Road, Jinlong Industrial Park, Tongliang District, Chongqing, is a comprehensive company with self-run export right, integrating the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of safety shoes. The company started up as a small workshop in 1991 and grew into a production-oriented enterprise of a certain scale. In 2008, Qiang Sheng Wang Shoes Co., Ltd. was incorporated.

The company has a large group of technical and public relations professionals, as well as imported production equipment and production lines. It now has 8 production workshops and more than 200 employees. All the employees had received professional training and gone through examinations before being recruited, to ensure high-quality and reliable staffing of the company.

Under the philosophy of “Making Shoes is Making Safety”, the company is focused on men's fashion shoes and safety shoes, and the products are exported to Europe and America, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions, with the export volume ranking No.4 in Tongliang District. After years of painstaking operation, the company has become a vital new force in the field of PPE. Both the product quality and the service quality have been unanimously praised by customers.

We rely on the achievements of specialized high technologies, and stick to the business philosophy of being people-oriented, and maintaining life health and industrial safety, while constantly introducing new technologies, learning business management modes from excellent enterprises, and integrating the advanced occupational safety and health concepts with our own culture. We have been constantly dedicated to innovation and improving production technologies and management systems; the company's sales channels and network platform are in smooth operation, providing customers with better products and services.