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Cloudy Baby Vest with Side Button

Yandan Düğmeli Bulutlu Bebek Yeleği Yapılışı
Knitted sweater on the hand buttoned cloudy vest model. Baby vest construction with roba and cloud motif expression on

How about weaving vests to babies before the cold days of winter? You can sew the vests that are your own handmade with the little vests of each other. As with the narrative baby vests page, I will share information about the cloud vest model in this article.

Baby vests are made on top of a lot of motifs are sewn. Some of these motifs are toys and others can be pictures of nature. Sun, cloud, car, truck and vests adorned with cartoon heroes will delight your children very much.
Yandan düğmeli bebek yelek robası

Yandan düğmeli bulutlu yelek
Clouded baby vest cloud for those who ask the detail of the expression I made easy.
30 loops start a row
3 more times (on both sides)
3 rows after duckling
Cut 3 times (on both sides)
5 cut from left 5 right
Cut on both turns and turns until there are 7 stitches on top.
Cut all 7 stitches
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