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Openwork Mini Knit Baby Vest Model 0-3 Months

Ajurlu Mini Örgü Bebek Yeleği Modeli 0-3 Ay
In the infant vest, 4 skewers were preferred. The bottle was made of 65 stitches and one row was straight. The collar is always flat. There will be 4 turns on the collar. After the first 7 stitches, 6 stitches will be left and returned. So we go to the end of the line until 13 loops stay.
Ajurlu bebek yeleği
In this article, published to make a 0-3 month old baby vest, the narration of a model with motifs is given. This model, also called yellow chick vest model, is an openwork model. Knitters can begin to knit this vest to their babies or their babies. In addition, people with the environment can sell this vest model in a price range of 50 or 100 TL. During the winter, housewives have plenty of time. They can wear these vests both to get bored and to get something. This vest knitted for babies between 0 and 3 months is described below.


Himalaya - Everyday Bebe Lux
100 g (250 m)
Skewer No: 4

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